• From Stone Age to Space Age

    Groom-O-Matic will take your Pet Salon or Spa from the stone age to the space age. This powerful software was designed from the ground up, to meet the needs of the groomer and is not a modified contact management system disguised as a new product. 6073259079
  • Designed for Groomers, by Groomers

    Groom-O-Matic was designed by groomers with the help of software developers that focus on providing application specific solutions. We don't expect you to manage your business with a spreadsheet, that's a job for your accountant. kingfisher
  • Keep your nickels and dimes

    We don't nickel and dime you. When you subscribe to one of our packages, you know exactly what you get and what it's going to cost you. No added fees, no waiting for us to give you a price estimate. We don't believe in that. You need to know what your costs are BEFORE you do business with us. It's very simple - pick a package and it's yours - no add-on's (785) 548-9924
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  • Product Features
  • Additional Features
  • Business Benefits
  • Why Groom-O-Matic
  • Pricing and Terms

Product Features

Groom-O-Matic is a powerful tool to help your grooming business.

Easy Scheduling

Simplifies scheduling, re-scheduling, appointment confirmation and tracking.

Record Management

Groom-O-Matic maintains your pet and client records, tracks your invoices, pay and commissions.

Point Of Sale

Groom-O-Matic is a point of sale system allowing you to track sales, handle gift cards and much more.

Customer Contact

Keeping in contact with your customers is key to a successful business. Groom-O-Matic has several tools to keep your clients up to date about their pet's care.

Additional Features

Groom-O-Matic has many additional features.


Using PhotoBucket or any URL accessible photo storage you can store an unlimited number of photos. If you need help we can help you find an appropriate photo storage system or provide one for you.

Credit Cards

Groom-O-Matic can currently process your credit cards using an approved gateway. Ask us for details.

Gift Cards

Groom-O-Matic can process and track gift cards. You can print your own or order them through the system. There are no processing fees with Gift Cards!

Video Tutorials

We have a set of online videos that you can view to learn how to do nearly anything with Groom-O-Matic.

Business Benefits

Groom-O-Matic will help you become more productive and increase your business.

Time Management

Be more efficient with your time, from scheduling appointments to performing bookkeeping tasks, Groom-O-Matic has tools to help you.


Quickly complete your commission calculations, sales and payroll.

Worry Free

Groom-O-Matic is based in the cloud leaving the worry of backups to us. Your records are safe and available to you and your staff. You set the schedule and access levels.

Take it Anywhere

Whether you are in your shop or on the go, Groom-O-Matic goes with you.

Why Groom-O-Matic

We built Groom-O-Matic to help groomers that still want that personal touch but need to become more efficient.

By Groomers, For Groomers

Designed by Groomers is important to us. Who knows your business better than another groomer?


Groom-O-Matic was designed to be simple to use. You'll be able to relax while you run your shop knowing that Groom-O-Matic is handling your shop.


Your data is your data. We don't share or distribute your data to anyone. With your secure password you control who has access to your data.


We have a diverse group of grooming clients and a forum to share ideas and information. Share your expert knowledge with others and learn from their experience.

Pricing and Terms

Groom-O-Matic is priced so you know exactly what you're going to spend each month. No hidden fees. Email and online support is included.

Monthly Fee

$99.95 per month per location. Unlimited number of clients and employees. 1000 text message credits per month.


Month to month payment - no contract.


Additional text messages can be purchased and they do not expire unless you cancel your subscription. Messages are sold in blocks of 1000 for $10.


If you need something custom let us know.